Generals Order (GO) Club


The GO Club was set up with the objective of promoting Generals Order trading card game by organising weekly event for people with the same interest to come together to play, fine tune the deck, trade or even engage in a heated but friendly battle. Player who are new but are keen to learn will have the chance to try out the game and eventually build his/her own deck with tips from experience player. 
The club is constantly looking for place to provides a conducive environment for everyone to enjoy the game and at the same time
make new friends. It also brings opportunity to meet people of different cultures which gives the club an edge with a diverse community. So Let's come together and make this happen. :-)

Currently, we are giving out new promo card 33 - Cai Wei Ji by joining our GO Club. If you are already an existing GO Club member,
just refer a friend to join our GO Club and you can also get a copy too. Limited to 1 copy per person and T&C apply. Check with the organizer for more details.

For more details on the weekly and monthly event, please go to https://www.facebook.com/GeneralsOrder

Current GO Judges : Valor C, Gachaman, MIB, Warlord, Edward Chia, and Juvon

Other Judges : Red Beetle, Kent, Cao Cao, Kobe, and Dexter



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